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So -- in a nutshell -- take me through your journey from leaving Paramore to where you’re at today. Zac had his project going on and he was busy with that, so I did it on my own.My brother and I left and I was pretty adamant about not being in a band again. I had some songs I’d co-written with some guys in the past, and I didn’t want them to go to waste.Zac Ferro is someone who people love and respect a lot. Zach Ferro does not prefer opening up about his love life and his personal life in the public.But amidst the love of his fans and admirers, does he have a special one to call a girlfriend? But we all know that he was once in a dating relationship with Emily Patty.Zac has earned several accolades and has also been a successful person in his career with his involvement with several bands.That has helped his finances a great deal too, but he is yet to reveal the actual figure of his net worth.I don’t know if they think so highly of me, but I hope they think of me reasonably well.

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“I had this moment, after leaving the band, walking to my mailbox, and I had no identity anymore. It was kind of a freeing thing—the thing that I thought I wanted. Not that I care about fame or being in a cool band. It was even just a rad thing that we were hanging out, and I was being able to play on the record, so I wanted to make a really smart and adult decision about it. I already knew that I wanted to do it.”“I knew it then when we talked to you [Lowe] on the couch, I knew it when we first started, I know it now, I’ve obviously missed the six years I was out of it, but I’ve seen a lot of this—there was only one record that I didn’t play on and that was self-titled—I saw a lot of it, and the thing that drew me back the most, and the most immediate yes, was getting to spend time with Hayley and Taylor everyday.” The fans were excited to see Zac, who stands over 1.77 meters in height, and his brother back in the band.

So yeah, that part about him being a good songwriter?

“Cliffs” leaves nothing to chance, a technicolor panorama of a pop-rock song that leaves us wondering why he’d ever wait long.

Caption: Zac Ferro and his former girlfriend, Emily Patty.

People wonder what the drummer has been up to in his dating life at present.


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