Updating iphone to new software issues

Some users reported that their i Phone’s battery started to drain rapidly after updating to the latest i OS 11, if you’re experiencing this problem and wondering how to fix battery drain on i Phone, you might as well try the following methods.

Potential Solutions: Turning off the Raise to Wake feature has been said to help some users.

To do so, launch i Tunes and connect your i OS device.

Afterward, select your device at the top, select Summary in the left-hand pane, and click the Check for Update button. Make sure you have a stable internet connect ion and then retry to upgrade the i OS version.

Simply take out the SIM card from your phone, it sometimes works.

It could be a hardware or software malfunction that you’re unequipped to deal with.

Check your firewall and make sure it’s not interfering with the sync.

Apple has a support page for Windows users using the built in firewall.

Potential Solutions: Please note that not all i OS devices are compatible with i OS 11.To update your app, just open the App store, then tap Updates at the bottom right of the screen, after that tap Update All in the upper right corner.In fact, allowing all your apps to continually update and refresh in the background is a sure-fire way to drain your i Phone battery.To do this, go to Settings , then tap Display & Brightness and toggle off Raise to Wake to disable the feature.Taking time to update all the available app could seriously help with i Phone battery drain.After that, the touchscreen problems should be gone.


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