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Second we created a new instance of the Customer object that was defined within the Data Context, this object has properties which will be filled with values that comes from the user inputs. From there we can fill in those fields with values we want.Third we inserted a new Customer object to the Customers set and then call the context. Just for this demo, notice that I have filled in those fields with a sample data.This article explains how to populate (bind) Check Box in Grid View from the database in ASP. Also this article explains how to save the Check Box checked (selected) value to the database.Here I have used j Query Data Table plugin for displaying data instead of ASP.There is also a "hybrid" known as "Precompiled Web Sites" (see the link for the official MSDN overview) where you don't have the single DLL layout of a web application, but all the compile work of the website is done for you.

NET Framework "Orcas" release, and which allows you to model a relational database using . You can then query the database using LINQ, as well as update/insert/delete data from it.Here's the question: How can I update a DLL on a production web site without breaking the app and without re-deploying all of the files?The thing to remember is that there are web sites and web applications as far as Visual Studio and ASPNET is considered.Hitting the save button will invoke the method Save Customer Info() which is responsible for doing the insert operation.Now if we look at the database we can see that the data we entered was successfully being saved to the database.Since we are going to use L2S then we need to add file.


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