Updating avg database

Link Scanner scans Internet links to make sure they don't link to harmful sites.

Web protection installs a Link Scanner module only, and not Online Shield which is only included in AVG Anvi Virus Pro or Internet Security.This error occurs if the update does not complete within the expected timeframe.In some cases, the AVG update eventually completes but by this time KES has timed out and assumes failure.View Logs has the following error 15 minutes after the update was started: -Update Timeout Script succeeded but client never reported update success AVG user interface on the endpoint itself shows latest definitions installed.ANSWER When an update is scheduled by KES, the Kaseya Security service on the endpoint uses an API to initiate the AVG update and reports the status back to the server.Interestingly enough, this is also the place where you find out more about what AVG Anti Virus Free supports.


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