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It maybe on TV around 11am” MM said; “It’s pouring rain in Sydney right now and the Variety guys are doing a great job getting it all organised.

“We’re lined up for our convoy over the Harbour Bridge with 550 Bash cars from each State in Australia. ” “We were arranged in order of Top 10 fund raisers for QLD, NSW, Vic, NT, WA and SA.

After the usual 7.15am briefing, the guys headed out the gates towards our first stop to Woodvale ‘Cricket Ground’.

The cricket ground was a side road in the middle of nowhere and a good chance for the Bashers to have lunch which was provided by a state school, 70 kms away.

“The next leg, 117klms, was off to Bathurst and to Mt Panorama and the Super Cheap Auto Bathurst 1000” “Mt Panorama was the highlight for the Bashers.

Car 132 and AW132 got to do a couple of laps around the track along with the other Bash cars”. Every morning we are up at around 5.00am – 5.15am to pack up, then get ready for breakfasts, briefings etc. Happy days.” “Today the start was at Narromine Aero Club.

MM (Media Man – Kyle) writes; “We saw our first leg off to Molong Central School after breakfast and our morning briefing at Lazy River Estate in Dubbo.

“At Molong Central School, Variety donated a defibrillator, ovens for the tuck shop and technology the school required to the value of ,000”.

(M1 & Car 132 @ Molong Central School) MM writes; “The stop off at Molong Central School was topped off by the Bash car ‘NASA’ launching a couple of rockets, which the students loved”.

The first leg was 223 kms which was mostly on the dirt.

Along the way we had to halt and pay the Alien a gate tax, which goes to Variety”.


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