Rss not updating android

Samsung has no doubt implemented most of the under-the-hood changes in 7.0 without changing the version number.

Android 7.1.2, meanwhile, is pretty much only for Google and Pixel devices, which is why even the Note 8 doesn’t come with 7.1.2.

But as it stands, i OS 11 capitalizes on Android Oreo’s seeming lack of focus on tablet chops in a few key ways, all of which Google can improve on.

We’ve spoken about how Apple’s move to make work and fun on the i Pad more productive than ever with i OS 11. It’s no secret that Apple is gunning to take a chunk out of 2-in-1 computer sales with its i Pad Pro.

If you want a tablet that offers PC-like productivity and a thriving app selection that features more native, made-for-tablet apps than it does upscaled or incompatible phone apps, you’re probably going to buy an i Pad equipped with i OS 11.

And while Android Oreo in general will bring a slew of tweaks that we’re excited about, including some interesting features like picture-in-picture mode and faster boot times (all underlined with a ), Google hasn’t made enough changes to impact tablet users in a comparably meaningful way.

Samsung has pushed the Nougat update to a lot of devices in its Galaxy lineup in recent months, and it’s fair to say that most of the devices that are expected to get Nougat already have the update, even if not in every market or region.

As you may have noticed, Samsung is only bringing Android 7.0 to devices rather than 7.1.1/7.1.2, and for those that get the new Samsung Experience user interface, the company is bringing over version 8.1 as seen on the Galaxy S8.

We can expect the to join it, but the verdict’s out on the rest. Apple’s line of tablets have come with its Siri personal assistant built-in since just after the launch of the i Pad 3 in 2012.

The advancements coming in i OS 11, like the dock and the easy to read multitasking grid, would be considered a good leap forward if they were only coming to Apple’s Pro line of tablets.

However, the company is issuing the update to each and every i Pad going back to the first i Pad Air and the i Pad Mini 2, each released in 2013.

It’s worth saying that, yes, the upscaled apps usually tend to run , but that more aren’t available natively at this point that jive in landscape mode isn’t a good look when i OS on tablets addressed such issues long ago.

Unfortunately, Android Oreo doesn’t seem like it’s going to fix these problems.


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