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All other must pay an audit fee as established by the university's Policy on Auditing of Courses.

Counseling Counseling on general undergraduate matters is available through your College Registrar's office.

In the last two decades Portugal has given to Canada many thousands of new citizens, and Brazil is attracting the attention of Canadians through its vast potential as a land of culture, of natural resources, and of industry. Fill in the background form and declaration and then take the test.

In addition to a full range of courses in language, Portuguese studies at the University of Toronto are concerned with the major trends and issues of Luso-Brazilian literature and culture and serve the programs in Ibero-American Studies, European Studies and in African Studies. Once you are self-enrolled, you can access the organization from your portal homepage under the "My Organizations Plus" section, which is typically in the center of the portal homepage.

A composite list of instructors' regular weekly office hours will be available in the department office.

If these regular drop-in hours are not convenient, instructors are also available for consultation by appointment.

Cognates A student may take up to any 2.0 FCEs in cognate courses towards a specialist degree, and up to any 1.0 FCE in cognate courses towards a major in Spanish or Portuguese.

Stunning Portuguese women freckle the coast and inner cities.

For the most up-to-date listing of courses offered this year, Click here to view the online Faculty of Arts and Science Registration Handbook and Timetable.

Enrolment in courses Details of the procedures by which students of the Faculty of Arts & Science register -- enroll in courses for which they are eligible, and pay or make arrangements to pay fees -- are found in the Registration Instructions online:

Instructions for taking the Portuguese Placement Test for registered students with a Valid UTOR ID Account:1. To be considered, please complete the form below and attach a copy of your informal ROSI transcript.

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