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Why didn’t you rescue me instead of video taping me! After dancing a little, he'd say that he's "tired". I mean, just by saying “Stop it~” just now, I feel like crying. Before, when I was with the members, it appeared and when I was being all frightened, Chinen came with a tissue and caught it and let it outside (laughs).   • During the Over making-of video, he calls Yuto beautiful and says that they should go on a date. More facts about Yamada include:]   • What do you want to be if you were reborn? So, if I didn’t mess up Yamada: I was thinking of going with you but you messed up Chinen: I guess messing up is a big deal Yamada: Yes, it is a big deal☆ He's insecure about his weight, appearance, and talents. ” And then the two of us do push-ups and sit-ups, and in the end, with our muscles pumped up, the Dai-chan by our side would take a picture for us! Check out , where they play a hand-clapping game.♡ Daiki! [Monthly TV Guide, February 2011]☆ He's ridiculously tall (180 cm is the most recent number I can find, or almost 5'11" in English measurements!   • In the concert clip included in the limited edition release of the Magic Power single, Yuto and Chinen are practically attached at the hip. Chinen Yuri is the youngest member of the group, and was a member of the original Hey! (laughs) [Myojo, April 2008]   • A serious injury you ever experienced: When I was a little kid I was playing around in a bathroom with a glass door and I didn’t noticed the glass and I ran into it shattering the glass. [from Myojo, April 2008]☆ And he's alarmingly gorgeous.♡ He spends much of the Magic Power making-of video with Yabu. 7 together, Takaki has babied Chinen, letting Chinen sit on his lap and playing with him as early as the Hey! He sounds like an old man (laughs).[Myojo, September 2011]☆ Inoo loves being the center of attention and can be quite the attention whore. [Seventeen, August 2011]☆ He's afraid of bugs and ghosts. [Myojo, April 2008]   • (Of Keito)He hates bugs and it seems that he calls cockroaches “Mr. Keito: The word “gokiburi” just from the sound of it, I don’t like it. [Seventeen, August 2011]☆ He graduated from an international school, and aspires to go to college. ♡ He spends time with Chinen, but doesn't really understand him. [Seventeen, August 2011]☆ He has an adorable round face okay.♡ Chinen!   • He spends a lot of time with Yuto during the Hey! School Kakumei ~~~~~~~~Okamoto : Eventhough I was given the opportunity to teach an english lesson in an earlier episode, the members still come and ask me on the meaning of some english words. Okamoto : It is just an automatic response now and sometimes I do give the wrong answer. Uchimura : Yamada, your ‘tsukkomi’ is really fast…Okamoto : The answer is 'Yamada is an unskilled actor, eventhough he acts in a several dramas’. ~~~~~~~~~*Yamada describing what in on the card for Okamoto to guess*Card : Chinen Yuri Yamada : Ah, Chibi! Everyone : *laughs*Yamada : Small, japanese idol Okamoto : Small… This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Tell us what else about your favourite member is amazing. Any addendums to this in the comments would be loved and highly appreciated, and we hope that people who read this will stay to read the comments as well. (laugh)Nakajima: Come to think of it, do you also speak to Takaki-kun like this? Hmm…Chinen: Yuuyan, because he’s slow, he doesn’t notice it. That's the reason why, he talks about uninteresting things so pleasantly (laughs). There are times when I carry him ohime-sama dakko* too. [Wink Up, July 2009]   • Do you have any treasures?   • Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? But I liked Ryosuke's plump, squishy, nice-feeling cheeks! ()♡ He and Inoo have have similar interests~   • He and Inoo have, if you will, "girl talk" in the Magic Power making-of video. However, should any change be made to the current status quo, this post will (hopefully) be updated to reflect that. Romantically, as friends, or as close groupmates, these sets of members seem to have a lot of chemistry.

Then when we were throwing rice cake off the roof and I fell off the roof. JUMP, he was leader of JJ Express, and has been JUMP's only college student for the past few years, while he has been attending Meiji University.   • "Inoo-kun is the one who checked the polaroids taken of him the most. It was tough because I was a trouble/bother for everyone. [Potato, April 2011, translated by ]   • He hates when it rains, because it messes up his straightened hair when he goes to school [I swear this was in Potato from April 2011, but I can't find it now...]☆ He's a big crybaby. I hope the world is like the “star wars.” [Potato, May 2008]   • He has no qualms about getting into a duffel bag.☆ He has lots of hobbies, and in TV Guide's Johnny's general election, was voted the Johnny's talent with the most hobbies by four HSJ members.   • Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? Chinen's dream from childhood was to become a member of Johnny's, and has long idolized Arashi's Ohno Satoshi. [Popolo, January 2008]☆ He loves sleeping and says sleeping is his hobby.   • It seems that when there are no plans, he goes home from school and sleeps at 6PM.

[Myojo, September 2011]☆ He has a habit of speaking rather bluntly.   • Hikaru: Even though he's mature during work, he's usually annoying (*laugh*). An English boy, who suddenly appeared at Odaiba concert one day. There are quite a few transcripts under the radio tag on ! [Popolo, January 2008]   • Inoo: Chinen is friendly ne. A long time ago, Ryosuke held a sweater in his hands and went “This sweater is nice” so I said “Then I’ll buy one of a different color~” and then he said, “Then never mind”.   • During Summary 2011 (unfortunately not on DVD currently) Yabu spent a lot of attention on Chinen during the "New York" section, and asked him if he'd like to go out together after the concert. ♡ Takaki babies him and played with him as a child. ()   • "Maybe it's because our mental age is the same." "I'm probably a little older." ()   • Basically the entire Hey! making-of video is Takaki babying Chinen.♡ He sepnds time with Daiki. ♡ Inoo wants Hikaru's attention badly enough to lie in order to get it. (Yabu, Hikaru) (2007-2009)Show wa Heisei (Yuto, Yamada, Ryutaro) (2008-2009)Shuumatsu YY JUMPing (Yabu, Hikaru) (2009-2011)Shounen Club (ongoing)Hyakushiki (Keito) (ongoing)School Kakumei (Hikaru, Yamada, Chinen) (2009-present)Yan Yan JUMP (2011-present)Tantei Gakuen Q (2007)One Pound Gospel (2008)Sensei wa Erai! in Tokyo Dome December 22, 2007☆ Released on DVD April 30, 2008Hey! JUMP Spring concert 2008April 4-May 6, 2008SUMMARY 2008August 2-31 and September 1-5, 2008Hey! Jump-ing Tour '08-'09December 20, 2008-January 5, 2009☆ Released on DVD April 29, 2009Hey!

  • Takaki: Even if everyone says, "let's go here", I'd flatly say I don't want to. Actually, this is just me thinking how I wish he could become my best friend in the future. 7, he was a member of both Tap Kids and JJ Express. Doing things like banging against the desk and shouting. [Popolo, January 2008]☆ He's a carefree and easygoing guy who's not afraid of being embarrassed. Maybe it’s not the right way to put it as best friend but I love Keito.   • They seem to have their own language; during making-of videos such as that for Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, their communication seems difficult for anyone else to grasp but them... It’s just that he really likes our leader (Ohno), and I’ve seen him mention our leader again and again in every magazine I’ve looked at. Until when is sitting on everyone's laps going to be fun? ♡ They're good friends, and have been friends since the original Hey! 7.♡ They seem close, and spent time together at school.♡ Yamada said that Daiki was his best friend (or at least that he wanted him to be...)♡ They've been practically attached at the hip since Hey! JUMP was formed, and are together in almost every making-of video.♡ They have similar senses of humour (that aren't funny to anyone else...)♡ They call one another cute nicknames and are really close and are best friends.♡ They had adorable jokes and conversations on Hey! 7 Ultra Power.♡ They're always together, and know everything about one another.♡ They seem very close, and both onstage and off stage they share physical closeness.♡ Yamada thinks Chinen is amazing and constantly tries to get his attention. Ultra Music Power, November 14, 2007 (debut single)Dreams Come True, May 21, 2008Your Seed/Bouken Rider, July 23, 2008Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, October 22, 2008Hitomi no Screen, February 24, 2010Arigatou~Sekai no Doko ni Ite mo~, December 15, 2010OVER, June 29, 2011Magic Power, September 21, 2011 [Making part 1, part 2]Heisei Families (Yuto, Yamada, Ryutaro) (2007-2008)Hi! (2008)Furuhata Chugakusei (2008)Scrap Teacher (2008)Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide (2009)Hidarime Tantei EYE (2010)Shirarezaru Bakumatsu no Shishi: Yamada Akiyoshi Monogatari (2012)Risou no Musuko (2012)Hey!

) felt it was time for a new post lauding the merits and fabulous talents of the group. This can be seen during Shounen Club, Summary, Hey!   • In the words of Takaki, "When everyone gets emotional, Yabu-kun calmly reasons by saying 「With that ○○ reason, ○○ is also bad」. " [Popolo, January 2008]☆ Yabu can be a very smooth talker, and knows the right things to say for various situations. If I could be born once again as a girl to give me an understanding of a girl's feelings, remember it and be born again as a guy, that would be great! JUMP Winter Concert 2009-2010December 19, 2009-January 6, 2010Hey! 2010 TEN JUMPApril 2-May 16, 2010☆ Released on DVD September 15, 2010SUMMARY 2010July 19-August 29, 2010☆ Released on DVD January 12, 2011Hey! JUMP Winter Concert 2010-2011December 25, 2010-January 16, 2011Hey! JUMP % Yuuki 100% Concert with NYCApril 10-May 29, 2011SUMMARY 2011August 7-September 25, 2011 on LJ kindly scans monthly magazines! JUMP paparazzi photobook is available here☆ has many images of Hey! JUMP, as well as blogs dedicated to it and its members.

Despite having been in existance for over four years as a debuted band, Hey! JUMP seems to have a relatively small foreign following and a less active fandom than many other Johnny's groups. BEST, comprised of the five older members, and Hey! Then I'll understand the feelings of whoever too and my mind will broaden. We've compiled some of her recent scans here and here!


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