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We long to be known and loved, to with someone, in someone else’s story. We’re really in pursuit of the happiness, belonging, and significance we think we’ll find in romance.

If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t have dated in the tenth grade (or the twelfth, or even my first couple years in college). The breakthrough came for me in beginning to understand the major differences between dating and marriage.

The spiritual war for our hearts is real, and the stakes are high, so it’s critical to ask why we think we should date in the first place.

Why did I have a girlfriend when I was twelve (and thirteen, and fourteen, and even eighteen)?

Legally, at least in the United States, we can’t marry until we’re eighteen (except for Nebraska and Mississippi where it’s even older — nineteen and twenty-one, respectively).

Our life is about Jesus now — his love for us and his plans for us — whether we’re single or married, sixteen or sixty. Your answer probably hangs on why you think you (or anyone else) should date in the first place.Anyone can see that the costs are often high — crushing breakups, sexual sin, shocking betrayal, sudden rejection, devastating heartbreak — the pain of love that never walked the aisle.You may be dreaming about marriage already (I was), but is it realistic that the two of you could marry anytime soon? My advice — take it or leave it — is wait until you can reasonably marry him or her in the next eighteen months. The important part is that you , if God made it clear this was his will and his timing for you.You won’t find eighteen months anywhere in the Bible, and so you should not treat it as God’s law.So why do so many of us still dive so quickly into dating?


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