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This version, known as the Vulgate, became the standard Bible of Christianity for many centuries.None of the original writings of the OT or NT still exist.Many additional ancient Bible manuscripts and fragments have been discovered since the late 1800's.The scientific methods of paleography and radiocarbon dating can now determine approximately when the thousands of different manuscripts were written.s and contains books of the Law, history of Israel, wisdom, and prophecy. The , a group of fifteen late OT books, was written during the period 170 B. The people of first century Palestine, including Jesus, spoke the Aramaic language. The early church leaders gradually assembled these writings into what is now known as the New Testament.The events of the OT (excluding Genesis 1-11) occurred roughly between 1800 B. However, early Christian writings were written entirely in Greek, the universal language of the Roman Empire at that time. They included books they believed were written by eyewitnesses to the events narrated, while rejecting many other early Christian writings.The archaic language and unfamiliar syntax of the KJV sound majestic and give an impression of authority and originality.Some people believe the KJV is the most accurate or only authentic version of the Bible.

However, the English language has changed a lot in the more than 400 years since it was published. Worse, many other KJV words, such as charity, trespass, profit, cousin, and remission, have different primary meanings today than they did in 1611, and could mislead the reader.Some believe the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts the KJV translators used were faithfully preserved by God or are the most accurate for some other reason.Others say the translators of all later versions were biased or incompetent in one way or another.The first English language version of the full Bible was John Wycliffe's translation of the Vulgate in 1384.Several other English versions followed, including the Great Bible (1535) and Bishop's Bible (1568).Still others say the KJV is a literal and accurate translation while later versions were rewritten to suit the biases of the publishers.


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