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Kareena kapoor hotel pohchi toh pata chala ki poori hotel pehle se hi booked hai or waha par uske liya koi room khali nhi hai.Kareena frustrate ho gayi,use wahi hotel chahiye tha,wo kahi aur ja ke apni chhuttiyan bitana hi nhi chahti thi.She had started responding and I knew she was enjoying now.I sat up on my knees and holding her knees raised her legs up and opened them wide, increased the thrust of my strokes, my baals banging her ass with every stroke. ” Ab to mana nahin karogi” ” Nahin jab marzi chod lena, mujhe acha lagega” ” agle hafte phir isi time aana” I told her and she nodded in acceptance, dressed up and left.She grabbed my lund, the moment it sprang out, moving foreskin back planted a kiss on the tip.Holding her from back of her head I brought her mouth to my cock, forcing it in her mouth.

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She tried to push me with her feet but I gave another pull and removed her pettiecoat along with saree.Readers might recollect that I am a Doctor by profession, practicing at Chandigarh, sportsman like body, 5’8″ tall. All my stories are real incidents of my life with no names changed. Sharma, belonging to a lower middle class group, around 50 but looked much more, his wife Sudha Sharma was in her early forties but looked much younger. They had two daughters Neha 20yrs, short with 34-28-36 figure and Shama 18 yrs. It was after couple of months after they moved in, I had had come back from my morning badminton games and was going to get ready for the hospital that there was a knock at my room door. My hand roamed over and pressed her breasts several times as I examined her. I prescribed the required medicines and asked her to come again after five days. I changed over to Kurta-Payjama and was going to lie down when there was a soft knock at my door. She told me that fever was gone but cough is still there.After graduating from medical College – Shimla, I joined P. ” Well for proper examination you will have to remove your blouse and bra, cloth rustling interferes with the lung sounds” I told her. Soon I became popular in the area and people would walk in for consultation, either they had developed confidence in me or because it was free for neighbours. I once overheard her telling my mom that she and the two daughters sleep in the bed room and sharma ji sleep in the living room, as it was a two room accommodation. I made her lie down on the make shift examination table and checked her lungs with stethoscope. had lunch and dropped my mom at the temple for her Saturday prayers routine and came back to my room for a nap. Started living at home, once again in my first floor room. Sudha and my mom would chat after finishing the house chorus. I asked her to come in and told her to lie down on the diwan, which was my make shift arrangement, an examination table at home. “Are you Asthematic”” No” she said I knew it was a case of acute & Infective bronchitis.I decided to enter her as she was still in that resisting stage, so pushed my cock in, in the second push my cock went in almost half way and on the third I was full length in, still kissing her and pressing her breasts hard I started my strokes, slowly first and making them rapid afterwards.


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