Dating a fourth year med student

“I asked to volunteer in the ER and since I told them I was a fourth year student, they were happy to take me.

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Since this article is written with current and future third year medical students in mind, it’s important to consider your performance on fourth year rotations as part of your application.

Yet the personal statement is practically the only method you have to communicate that value to the interviewing and selections committee outside of an interview or outside of completing a rotation with the program in question (more tips regarding that below).

My assumption is that ERAS (the application service you’ll be using) recognizes this and was programmed to allow an infinite number of personal statements for this purpose.

Rotating with the program is the best way to get to know everyone with whom you may be working in the not-so-distant future.

Here are some of the worst things I’ve seen prospective candidates do while rotating with our program. Complaining about the work load, most often out loud for some reason. As medical students, you may have a fresher memory of details about processes that we’ve all forgotten once we left medical school.


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