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But I wasn't worried as I was covered by the sheet she put on me. I hear her say "Ok honey all done what do you think? Looking down at it her mouth wide open eyes wide open. "You're a naughty boy honey." She reaches up and puts one hand on each side of my pants by my hips and lowers them down. " She bites her lower lip again and looking into my eyes she says "Yes I do honey oh my god yes I do!

Then she asks "Are you gonna take charge of your cougar you hot young stud? " She smiles right back at me looking very happy and excited. "Get on your knees." Looking into my eyes she kneels down. "It's not comfortable in my jeans you take that big fucking cock out." She bites her lower lip again then says. She says "wow this is the biggest cock I've ever seen!! But then starts going to town on it sucking it wildly. Still holding her hair in a firm voice I ask "you've found a hot young stud and you wanna be his little cougar slut don't you?

And it's empty Have a seat honey." I sat down and waited watching her as she cut the woman's hair. " I got up and went over and sat down in the chair looking back at her in the mirror. I see her smile then bite her lower lip with a naughty girl little grin on her face.

"You're in luck I have one spot left before I close. She smiled I looked away trying to make it look like I had not just been looking at her ass. She then came over flipped the open sign to closed and said "Ok honey take a seat! Turns and watches me as I walk over my bulge now almost full hard on. She breaks free from are kiss and grabs my shirt with both hands and lifts it up.

She smiles and stands up as she takes of her shirt off then her bra. I say "we'll your twice as big as I've ever seen too slut." As I look at her tits.

" she asked as she slips her pants and panties down to the floor. I look down as she grabs her tits as I flop him between them. She looks down and giggles and says "Wow this way better than a normal cock. Does that big young cock feel good in between my big old tits hmmmm?

" Then it pops out and almost hits her in the face as it stands out straight.

Looking at me as she does waiting to see how I react to her huge tits.

And she missed watching him but didn't miss the busy schedule as she is a single mom. And says "I'm closed for the night now would you like to stay a while and go back there with me? Fast she looks at my bulge again I hear her breathe in as she sees it getting bigger again. I've had a fantasy of being with a hot young stud for such a long time now." I feel her hands make their way down to my belt. She looks at me and asks "How are old are you honey?

We talked about everything from my job to how I play sports still. That's when she seemed to make a point of telling me that her son was grown and moved out now but he played hockey also. Then she went behind me again and I'm thinking she still is cutting my hair. Probably she was trying to see what I was looking at. "Oh my god honey don't be sorry at all." She put her hands on my shoulders. I just said "SURE." As I looked back at her in the mirror my cock now getting hard again.


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